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Most people travel to Avignon TGV on the Eurostar. Unfortunately, there are no longer any direct trains – for the foreseeable future – so you will have to change at Lille (just a change of platform) or in Paris (from the Gare du Nord to the Gare de Lyon). Make sure you allow an hour and a half between stations for your train from Gare de Lyon if you travel through Paris, in case of delays.  Best to book early as fares will be cheaper.

Last year, we organised pick-up from Avignon TGV but this year we propose a different arrangement that will be cheaper for you all in terms of taxis. From autumn 2022 there has been a new train that runs from Avignon Centrale (a short shuttle bus ride from the TGV station) to Bagnols sur Ceze and also to Pont St Esprit. The nearest station to Cratoule is Pont St Esprit so we plan pick-up for everyone from the station at Pont St Esprit at 5pm on Saturday August 12th. We will check on the last train from Avignon to Pont St Esprit and let you know but they generally stop around 6pm from Avignon.

Best to get an early Eurostar from Kings Cross on the outward journey and book a lunchtime train from Avignon TGV on August 19th to travel home.


Some of you may prefer to fly and we leave it to you to explore options flying to Marseille, Montpelier, Nimes, or Avignon International, where you can get a train to Avignon and then the small train to Pont St Esprit.

You should bear in mind the cost for travel when making your application. This can come up to £300 either by flight and train or via the Eurostar.

Driving to Cratoule 

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Hameau de Cratoule
Issirac 30760

-Leave the motorway A7 at Bollène, junction19.
Take the D994 to PONT ST ESPRIT.
-After leaving the bridge over the Rhône at PONT ST ESPRIT you arrive at a roundabout. Take the first exit from this roundabout ( D6086, ROUTE D’ARDÊCHE ) Don’t go into the town.
– After 3/4mins turn left onto the D901 just after the garage. This turning is signposted ST JULIEN DE PEYROLAS,   ST PAULET DE CAISSON and ORGNAC L’AVEN. You have 10/15mins on this road before leaving it
– After going through the village of LAVAL ST ROMAN, the road twists and turns up a hill. When you reach the top you will see a few right and left turns. Take the left turn to ISSIRAC ( D301 )
– When you arrive at the old village of ISSIRAC, perched on a rise in front of you, don’t turn to the right which leads into the village. Turn left and continue down the hill past the cemetery. This small road twists and turns down to the Hamlet of CRATOULE ( 4kms) The music centre is called « LES MUSARTS » which you will see on a wooden sign as you enter the hamlet

In case of difficulty, you can phone Fiona Gibson on +33 6 42 83 32 22 or Jan Wiener on +44 7900895696.