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Most people take the Eurostar from London to Avignon. There is a direct service on most days. Otherwise you can travel from London via Lille and change onto the TGV or via Paris where you will need to change station from the Gare du Nord to the Gare de Lyon and then on the TGV.

Driving to Cratoule 

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Hameau de Cratoule
Issirac 30760

If you are driving to Cratoule, from northern France, you need to come off the Autoroute du Soleil (A7) at Bollène and take the D994 to Pont St Esprit. Then follow the N86 to Bagnols sur Cèze.

Just before you arrive in Bagnols you will see a right-hand turn, the D980, marked to Goudargues and Barjac. Take this road and drive for about 20 minutes along the Cèze valley, past a right hand turn for Goudargues. You will drive through the short narrow Gorge de la Cèze, past a turning on your left to Montclus. Shortly afterwards you come to a right hand turn, D901 marked Issirac. Travel along this road for a few miles and then take a right hand turn (D301) marked Issirac. Continue for about a mile keeping slightly left and you will come to a small T junction up against the town wall of Issirac. You will see a very small sign to your left marked Cratoule. Travel along this road for about a mile, and you will come to a group of farm houses on your right nestling in a dip. At the far end of these houses, you will see a short but steep drive up to the right. Take up to the top, park and you have arrived.

In case of difficulty, you can phone Fiona Gibson on 00 33 (0)6 42 83 32 22 or 00 33 4 66 82 01 86

By train

By air

You can fly from City Airport to Avignon International

You can also fly from London Luton to Nimes

Or from London Heathrow to Montpellier or Marseille

Ultimately you will need to find your way by train/bus to the old station at Bagnols-sur-Cèze. This can be done on the Edgard bus (B22 or B23)  which takes about an hour from Avignon TGV station and a little less from Avignon Centrale station. The bus fare is remarkably inexpensive (€1.60) for the whole journey. For those of you flying to any of the airports you will need to check trains to Avignon. If you arrive at Avignon International Airport, it is a short taxi or bus ride to Avignon TGV or Centrale to catch the Edgard bus.

Detailed instructions concerning the final leg of the journey to Cratoule (using lifts and shared taxis) will be provided nearer the time.